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  • Julie Jurgens

Cities Shrink DMS Sign Structures to Save Sidewalks and Big $$$

Valmont's innovative TR1 mast arm mitigator is a proven reducer of vibration fatigue which enables cities to select to reduce the size of their DMS sign structures in a major way for big benefits to the city. Tucked discreetly behind the DMS sign it works to quiet vibration that may occur which is the driving factor that makes mast arm style structures much larger today than in the past.

DMS sign structures that were put in Seattle before the mitigator was available were very large because AASHTO requires mast arm structures supporting DMS signs to be designed to Fatigue category 1, this can be seen in the structure by the stadiums below and compared to the new DMS sign structure put up on Denny Way which utilized the mitigator.

Pole base diameters shrunk from 23.5" down to 13". Bolt circles shrunk from 29.5" down to 18" with number of 1 3/4" ABs being cut in half from qty 8 down to qty 4!

Visit our website to watch the "pluck" test that shows the mitigator at work that was conducted locally in Seattle.

Let us work with you to see how utilizing this effective mitigator for vibration can reduce the size of these structures to look better in urban settings, save valuable sidewalk space, while saving big $$$ especially on the foundation expense.

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