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GE LED Lighting Toledo Roadway


WSDOT, municipalities, counties, utilities, and developers have unique requirements for their street lighting
Mass Transit and Rapid Ride Stations have unique requirements including stringent specific compliance.

PNW can assist you in developing a new street light pole or roadway lighting standard or update a standard to meet changes in the AASHTO code or to accommodate new needs like EV charging or small cell / 5G loads.

We can recommend products that meet your functional needs while providing the aesthetics you want while meeting your project specific compliance requirements. The right up front assistance makes for smooth project delivery.


Steel Light Poles • Aluminum Light Poles • Fiberglass Light Poles •  Architectural Wood Light Poles
LED Cobra Heads • Roadway Lighting • High mast LED Lighting • Underdeck LED  Lighting • Flood Lights

Architectural Roadway Lighting • LED Bollards • Roadway Lighting Features • Lighting Controls


Light fixture standards need regular updates to take advantage of the improving technology offered by the latest energy efficient LED light fixtures or lighting controls.  Technology improvements are exciting and are designed to meet evolving priorities and incorporate technology improvements, however this constant evolution does create challenges to keeping street light standards up to date. The experienced staff at PNW Lighting and Traffic Solutions can help you manage this process.  For Decorative Street Lighting or Architectural Outdoor Lighting please refer to our Decorative Lighting Page.

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