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T410 Valmont 4W Fluted Traffic Mast Arm Pole with Slice Light Arm.jpg


View our manufacturers’ Decorative Traffic & ITS Poles and Structures in our Gallery below for ideas that inspire in the styles you seek

Most design ideas start with the pedestrian scale lighting where the style choices are vast and then the full scope of the project may involve street lights, traffic structures, wayfinding, catenary or other specialty structures. PNW Lighting and Traffic Solutions can help you with complimentary decorative solutions at the various scale and in the applications that you need to span the full scope of your project.

PNW also understands the technical requirements of these more structurally stringent categories and can help you navigate those challenges backed by our manufacturers and their experienced and qualified engineering teams so that you can focus on the other demanding aspects of your design.

Street Lights • Gateways
Traffic Pole Structures • ITS / Camera Poles
Catenary Poles • Wayfinding Structures/ Poles 

We look forward to bringing your vision to reality.

Contact our team at (206) 944 1818 

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