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Decorative Breakaway System


As principal arterials of municipalities are getting updated, due to a combination of speed limit and limited setback in some cases street lighting poles are being required to be breakaway. However in these key municipal corridors, the municipality is wanting those street lights to be decorative as a positive reflection on the community, as such using slip-bases with their exposed hardware is not an ideal option.


To meet the needs of this situation, Valmont has performed FHWA breakaway testing to obtain a breakaway listing on the decorative pole system inclusive of pole, arm, decorative clam-shell base, and breakaway couplings. Poles are available in both steel and aluminum and in smooth as well as fluted tapered options. The result is a properly FHWA listed breakaway system. And the best part is that the couplings are concealed so that the street lighting has the nice polished finish appearance that the community desired complete with the safety feature of breakaway.

Several FHWA Listed Choices for Base Styles


FHWA Listed Breakaway Systems

Breakaway System Illustration.jpg

Decorative Base Conceals Breakaway Couplings

Watch FHWA Pendulum Breakaway Test

FHWA Breakaway with WSDOT Slip Base

full size slip base.jpg
Slip Base Front_edited.jpg
Closeup Front View
Slip Base Side_edited.png
Closeup Side View

FHWA Breakaway with Decorative Coupling System

aaa Decorative breakaway_edited_edited.jpg

Multiple Decorative base cover options with numerous pole types and decorative arms yields a plentitude of options for your special project. Contact us for assistance in developing the right solution for your project.

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