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Technology Tastefully Integrated

Cities and Campuses are looking to implement or be prepared to implement technology to improve services, operations, and security including:

Lighting Control • Asset Management • Wireless Speakers • Cameras • Environmental Sensors
Wireless Color Changing Controls • Smart Alert Systems •  Digital Signage • Wifi  • EV Charging

With our leading manufacturers, PNW can help you develop your perfect solution.

Schreder Shuffle 

Sternberg Intellistreets 

SC103 Intellistreets Full Capability

See our Gallery Below for Real World Installations of these Smart City Poles.
PNW can work with you on solutions ready to deploy today or for futuring proofing.

Lumca BrightLife

brightlife options.JPG

3 Industry Leading Manufacturers offering their unique solutions to provide the Smart City / Smart Campus solution you seek.

Understand, analyze, select, and implement efficiently.
Your optimal solution awaits.....

See real life installations of these smart city/ smart campus solutions.

Design your BrightLife

Providing quality street lights, area architectural lighting, lighting controls and smart solutions for municipal, commercial, and utility customers.

Be prepared to deliver modern services and capabilities leveraging your street lighting or area lighting infrastructure. PNW Lighting & Traffic Solutions can help you implement and scale up to achieve your plans.

Municipal Street Lights • Commercial Street Lights
Trial & Pathway Lighting • Residential Development Site Lighting
Port & Marina Lighting • Parking Lot Lighting
Commercial Site Lighting • Plaza & Campus Lighting 

We look forward to bringing your vision to reality.

Contact our team at (206) 944 1818 

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