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Area Lighting Encompasses an Endless Range of Applications
All Benefiting from Architectural Lighting Fixtures that Perform

 Parking Lots  •  Marinas  •  Trails  • Parks  •  Mass Transit Platforms  •  Sports Fields  •  Boardwalks

Shopping Centers  •  University Campuses   •  Plazas   •  Rooftop Gardens  •  Corporate Campuses

It is not surprising that the lighting goals for these unique venues would be as varied as the locales themselves. Considering the proper lighting levels for safety and security factor into the design goals. LED efficiency balanced with managing glare for pedestrian comfort as well as options to incorporate lighting controls for further energy savings are also considerations in the lighting design process.

Parking lot lighting is a common application - for your convenience we have collected a special parking lot only gallery directly below. For the other more diverse applications see our full area lighting architectural galleries.

AL4029 Schreder Teceo Pathway_

Trail Lighting

Trails are challenging to light as we seek to find balance between people feeling safe while not infringing on wildlife. Through technology of special LED's and use of lighting controls this is achievable.

AL4017 Sternberg Rialta Light Towers Lend Architectural Boundaries While Providing Area Li

Park Lighting

Park lighting is a great opportunity to add vertical light in areas to create active spaces. Let us help you find a perfect solution.

AL2026 Sternberg Solana Modern LED Light fixtures for excellent light control to reduce sp

Waterfront / Dock

Waterfront lighting designs involve controlling light to limit obtrusive spill light. Due to the rigors of waterfront environments, selecting the right paint finishes and durable products are key for success. 

Parking Lot Photo Gallery

Providing quality area architectural lighting for municipal and commercial customers.

There is no second chance for a first impression and the Outdoor Lighting Pole Lights set the tone. Campus, marinas and other private commercial site developments and parking lots all can be elevated with a proper style choice from a quality manufacturer.

Municipal Street Lights • Commercial Street Lights
Trail & Pathway Lighting • Residential Development Site Lighting
Port & Marina Lighting • Parking Lot Lighting
Commercial Site Lighting • Plaza & Campus Lighting 

We look forward to bringing your vision to reality.

Contact our team at (206) 944 1818 

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