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SL2018 Street Lighting Historic



View our extensive gallery below for ideas that inspire
in the styles you seek from historic to transitional to modern

We represent Sternberg Lighting which has been designing and manufacturing Quality Decorative Street Lighting and Commercial Outdoor Lighting since 1923.


Over 450,000 projects with Sternberg's unparalleled attention to detail.

Watch our video below to learn more about Sternberg Lighting.

Along with our other leading manufacturers coupled with our extensive experience we can help bring your vision to reality and provide you exceptional professional support along the way.

Sternberg Lighting Systems

Sternberg Lighting Systems

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View the collection of manufacturer projects featured in our galleries below for decorative commercial outdoor and street lighting design ideas in styles from historic to transitional to modern.

How the Process Works:
Pick a Style

It all starts with the style that is desired for your unique project. We have put together a collection below that showcases many of our manufacturers’ projects from across the county organized by the style types of historic, transitional, and modern. To get started peruse our galleries for design ideas for your specific project. Poles include aluminum, steel, fiberglass and wood pole options and can include decorative base covers that are clam shells or integral to the pole.

Identify Gallery Projects that reflect
potential styling for your project

Please note the gallery is extensive but just a start point. Use the photos to help communicate your preferences. Please note our manufacturers’ full capabilities are much broader than the galleries so don’t be shy about communicating what you are looking for beyond what you find in the galleries. It is very common for instance to find pedestrian lighting you like that needs scaled up for street lighting and even incorporate complimentary traffic structures or wayfinding.

Connect to the PNW Team for a Consultation

We will discuss your functional lighting goals and more about your specific project application. Our experienced team will help select specific products that will meet both your functional and aesthetic goals as well as any other features or capability that you want to incorporate including smart city/ campus technology or future proofing. We can adapt to tricky existing conditions like utilizing existing foundations, or adapting for bridge mounting, or modifying to incorporate catenary lighting, or adding color changing features, or incorporating accessories including banners, digital signage, flower baskets, or even EV charging.

Receive YOUR Projects’ “To-Scale” Renderings

Renderings produced by our team showing the outdoor lighting assemblies are tailored specifically to your project. These will ensure that you have the right tools to present to your clients or cross functional team for consideration. In many cases we can also provide a 3D model for you to incorporate into your own project renderings.

Concept to Reality Tech Support

Our team will continue to provide all the necessary technical support including specific IES files and photometric information, project specific technical drawings, product samples for review if appropriate, and even paint color chips, if you would like, to help decide all the important choices and assist you in putting together your bid documents. PNW will provide budget pricing as well for proper planning.

Project Management & After Sale Service

Project support is provided by PNW to ensure proper coordination with the factory to ensure all the project details are known to the factory to provide exactly the right products. PNW also performs any after shipment service in the field like assisting the contractor with installation questions or concerns and to resolve any issues that may arise. PNW provides the local “boots on the ground to make sure that your project is a success.



Click below to view style galleries


Click below to view style galleries

Decorative Street Lighting

Providing quality street lights and area architectural lighting for municipal, commercial, and utility customers.

There is one chance for a first impression and the Outdoor Lighting Pole Lights set the tone. Streets are architecturally defined by the style of the street lights and campuses, marinas, private commercial site developments, and parking lots all can be elevated with a proper style choice from a quality manufacturer.

Municipal Street Lights • Commercial Street Lights
Trail & Pathway Lighting • Residential Development Site Lighting
Port & Marina Lighting • Parking Lot Lighting
Commercial Site Lighting • Plaza & Campus Lighting 

We look forward to bringing your vision to reality.

Contact our team at (206) 944 1818 

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