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Optimize Accelerated Bridge Construction

The Valmont solution was recognized by the Short Span Steel Bridge Alliance in 2021 with their Innovation Initiative Focus Technology award.

The system offers notably longer service life, negligible maintenance, and easy inspection.

Nothing is more frustrating and expensive than traffic disruptions. Bridge engineers, contractors, and owners have been focused on fast tracking these critical projects. Valmont has an innovative solution that can help streamline the construction process for spans 110' and shorter.


Valmont has expanded into the bridge superstructure market with their galvanized steel press-brake-formed tub girder (PBTG) bridge system. It lends manufacturing innovation to an established AASHTO / FHWA accepted engineering alternative to concrete box construction that arrives on the job (typically on a single truck) ready to set in place.

Valmont’s Galvanized Steel
Press-Brake-Formed-Tub-Girders (PBTG)


  1. Suitable for Spans up to 110’

  2. Ideal for Difficult to Access Locations

  3. Potential Game Changer for Replacement Bridges
      – maximize the live load capacity of existing foundations
      – Through High strength to weight ratio superstructure

  4. Lower weight to strength is perfect for factory PBU’s - Precast Bridge Units

  5. Streamline job site logistics with less truck deliveries – ready to set in place

  6. Improve Quality & Reduce Labor costs through factory prewelded sheer studs

  7. Works well for pour in place bridge decks


Less logistics + smaller cranes + less install time
= less environmental impact

We also provide quality area architectural lighting for
municipal and commercial customers.

Municipal Street Lights • Commercial Street Lights
Trail & Pathway Lighting • Residential Development Site Lighting
Port & Marina Lighting • Parking Lot Lighting
Commercial Site Lighting • Plaza & Campus Lighting 

We look forward to bringing your vision to reality.

Contact our team at (206) 406 4285 

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