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  • Julie Jurgens

Dive-In with Solar Pole Lights

With the push for switching to green energy sources, of course the question comes up -

Why Not Solar?

And then the engineer that is responsible for designing the project gets sweaty palms as they look outside. As fall is beginning in the Pacific Northwest and the idea that there is adequate sun to do ANYTHING seems like, let's just say it out loud, INSANITY. As locals we get it, however a system that performs optimally in our northern latitude for a suitable site is a real option today.

And did we mention that they look better too!

Vertical Wraps are sleek and prevent the need for huge-oversized poles and foundations due to all that wind load from the massive side mounted solar panel. A flat solar panel at 400W can be 7' x 4' in size, as big as an ugly billboard.

Like all new things, it is important to get the facts and understand the details so that you achieve the results that you seek. With our quality manufacturers we are here to help you with that process.

Contact us to get started on your deep dive!

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