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Mast Arm Mitigator


The bounce and vibration of mast arms on traffic poles are problematic for traffic cameras and detection sensors. This is caused by wind, wind induced vibration (galloping and vortex shedding), & truck gusts.

New AASHTO codes increase pole and foundation sizes increasing costs and taking up too much of the sidewalk and already scarce city underground space. These design changes are required to meet the code fatigue life without effective vibration mitigation.


Valmont TR1 Mitigator is a mast arm attachment that quiets the mast arm typically reducing vertical mast arm deflection by over 90%. The Valmont Mitigator is the ONLY mitigation device on the market with CALCULATED EFFECTIVENESS enabling engineers to reduce fatigue requirements per AASHTO’s Recommendations which means SMALLER structures & SMALLER foundations to meet the updated code.*

Mitigator Installed on Mast Arm.png
Mitigator Installed
Mitigator Installed on Mast Arm.png
Mitigator SDOT test

*The Valmont TR1 Mitigator has been extensively analyzed and field tested. Learn more about the technology & see the testing data and analysis by requesting a copy of the white paper.  



Or contact our office to learn more about this engineering break through and how it can help you or your clients.


Other LOCALS have found that they can meet the full AASHTO 2015 code without increasing the size of existing foundations and have SMALLER Poles!

Mitigator Diagram
For more information on the Mitigator and to get a copy of the White Paper, reach out to us:

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We look forward to bringing your vision to reality.

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