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  • Julie Jurgens

Light Pole with "Hidden" Breakaway

Functional doesn't have to be ugly. Decorative street lighting sometimes needs to be FHWA breakaway rated and when it does be sure to select an FHWA rated breakaway system. Below is the system as used in scenic Poulsbo Washington.

Valmont's breakaway system includes a decorative steel or aluminum light pole, decorative clam shell base cover and breakaway couplings. Breakaway systems MUST be fully tested and properly listed with the FHWA - period! These Valmont systems have been through that stringent process.

See our solutions page for more information on the styles that are offered and even watch the FHWA break to failure test!

The other FHWA rated breakaway system is a slip base which is unsightly in your sidewalk areas. Below we show a slip base breakaway, followed by a cut away view of how a decorative base conceals breakaway couplings, followed by what the installed appearance would be using the FHWA listed Valmont system with the Oceola style cover and fluted steel light pole.

Let us help you navigate these requirements and develop a system that meets FHWA breakaway while pleasing your planning committee and seamlessly blending in with your other decorative light poles that don't need to be breakaway.


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