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Street Lighting

PNW Lighting & Traffic Solutions in Washington State offers a wide range of Street Lighting.

Roadway Lighting in Washington State: Choose Street Light styles that complement your location

We offer Traffic structures and ITS (intelligent transportation systems) structures & poles, Area Lighting, Bollard Lighting, Historic Street Lighting, Transitional Area Lighting, and much more. View all of our Decorative Lighting galleries to see the full range of decorative area lighting and street lighting styles we carry. PNW Lighting & Traffic Solutions represent a wide range of street lighting and area lighting brands including Valmont, Whatley, Sternberg Lighting, IntelliStreets, and Garmire Iron Works. As we're based in Washington State, we work with many local municipalities, campuses, and businesses to add pedestrian lighting and street lighting to enhance safety and visibility.

We also offer great solutions to solve issues such as reducing bounce and vibration on mast arms and traffic poles, as well as stylish breakaway coupling systems that look good and meet safety needs.

Let our experts guide you with the design process and help you choose a style that is unique to your project. Check out our Decorative Lighting page that walks you through the process of designing your project.

Contact us today for a consultation on your area or street lighting needs.

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